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Credit 1 500 Euro - CONUS grant

Credit 1 500 Euro can be immediately yours!

If you plan to build a wooden house and you are interested in real quality, do not hesitate to contact us. As in many manufactories in Canada and Finland we cover almost all types of the wooden wall constructions of the highest quality in the world, we think that you cannot get more or better offer anywhere else.

You can make your wooden house purchase more pleasant by getting a subsidy from CONUS, with a credit of 1 500 Euro!
And you would not even miss your CONUS Extra benefits !

Credit 1 500 Euro is given to each future investor that would send us by mail the fulfilled Questionnaire about wooden house or wooden construction CONUS and within one year since we receive the e-mail, he would sign a contract for a wooden house delivery up to any construction stage in the volume of at least 100 000 Euro without VAT. The credit will then be deducted after your payment of amount at least
100 000 Euro without VAT. 

This credit does not concern only individual investor but also development agencies etc.

CONUS Group reserves all rights for any changes in the provision of the credit as well as its revocation!