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CONUS Farmer homes with large garages and halls


Wooden houses and wooden constructions from red cedar delivered by our company - CONUS Farmer homes with large garages and halls, according to their construction type, are not limited by the size of the object or by the number of floors. 
In case of demand, the intermediate decks of tall objects ( but even for 2-floor objects ) can be made of cast concrete.

Farmer homes Winkler on the picture has an area of 129 m2.
This house is only a preview of possibility of creating garages or halls in the same size - with a living area or not.

Similar layouts, just different wall structures, you can find here as well.
It is also suitable as a Service home.  

CONUS Farmer homes are assigned for those who need in addition to their house large garages or workshops.
They are suitable for handling of farm, business, service homes, service homes for hunters, carriers, road workers, various maintenance, rescue, storage or as huts or for other logistic activities etc.