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Bungalows CONUS - Nelson

1-storey family and vacation homes and constructions are objects for customers who enjoy living the modern types of houses destined for permanent whole year living, that have the same layout as brick houses or look like wooden houses – according to the investor‘s requirements. They are produced from red cedar. Their quality is incomparably higher than that of wooden houses produced in our country. These, as well as all other Canadian houses offered by us are really produced in Canada and it is not just a misleading name „Canadian wooden homes“ as used by some companies for their products, referring just to some „Canadian style“, that could mislead the investor. As this is of major importance for each investor, we suggest that each investor in case of presentation of any Canadian wooden house, realizes and checks all the facts. Our wooden houses, as well as all our constructions, fulfil the strictest criteria for constructions in the world.

Basic offer contains:

a) 1-storey family and vacation houses and constructions CONUS - Nelson:

up to 110 m2 111 - 150 m2 151 - 190 m2 191 - 500 m2

b) 1-storey family double houses and constructions CONUS - Nelson:

double houses 190 - 300 m2

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